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Electrical Contractors Coventry - Bentley Electrical

Having over thirty years of experience as a company in the field of electrical services, you can imagine, Stephen’s work comes naturally to him. As one of the leading electrical contractors working in Coventry and surrounding areas, he can tackle any electrical project, large or small, and provide a comprehensive range of services to clients from across the local area.

Free Estimates

Stephen is a qualified electrician who will come out and see you, listen to what services you require, and will then try to estimate time and costs as closely to your required specifications as possible (he may even be able to improve it). Stephen never stretches the truth to create jobs from thin air; his service is 100% genuine. This care for his clients and attitude towards his work sets him apart from other electrical contractors. Bentley’s Electrical are also proud to offer free estimates for all of their electrical services.

Stephen DESIGNS, INSTALLES and CERTIFICATES all work he completes. After work is completed the premises is cleaned and tidied, removing any mess created during the work. All work is guaranteed and backed up by NAPIT.

Bentley's Electrical carry out jobs ranging from putting up light fittings and changing switches or sockets, to fault finding, rewiring and Loft Conversions. If you require electrical contractors then feel free to give us a call today to find out more. Begin your enquiry now by contacting us on 07970 828 318, and find out more about the services your local electrical contractors can offer in Coventry and further afield.